A common thread among us is an appreciation for great beer, and we share over 25 years of combined brewing experience. Fossil Craft Beer Company has 8 taps, occupied by 3 flagship ales, a scratch-made ginger ale and 4 spots for Seasonal and Specialty releases. Check out our Events page for up-to-date info on our upcoming tappings. Here are the year-round beer offerings we serve daily:

Evolution Ale

The base recipe for our evolution ale features toasted malt and caramel character. customers vote on the next ingredient for each generation as well as the non-profit that it will benefit. see the board for this generation.

Mammoth India Pale Ale

Our flagship IPA showcases Chinook, Galena, and CTZ hops, providing a bold citrus and pine hop character which is balanced by a solid malt backbone.

Stone Age Stout

A dark brown, full-bodied milk stout showcasing dark and roasted malt. this beer features a mild sweetness from the addition of lactose, along with a creaminess from oats added to the mash.

Our Beer

Fossil Craft Beer Company

Founded 2013

Colorado Springs, CO